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Comar-5P.i-Advanced-2-front- Overview Windows 5P.i - All Configurations 5P.i ECO Casement Window 5P.i ECO+ Casement Window

The brief to Comar’s Design Team was to specifically meet architectural demands; low U-values, matching slim sight lines for both the casement and tilt/turn, large glazing pocket for acoustic glass, secured by design and large sizes. For our contractor and fabricator partners; performance with built in fast-track fabrication

and installation.  


Therefore integration is the key factor which underpins our latest product launch. Our market leading Comar 9P.i Framing system offers fast-track semi unitised construction for floor to ceiling glazing, allowing Tilt/Turn or Casement windows to hang direct from the Comar 9P.i Frame as well as rebated doors.  With the addition of thermal foam and triple glazing Comar 9P.i offers U-values down to 0.77, creating a future proof solution for our architectural, contractor and fabricator



Comar have incorporated the technology from our Comar 9P.i system into the Comar 5P.i window range, and are now launching the Comar 5P.i Advanced Casement and Tilt/Turn window system, creating the option for stand-alone high performance windows.


The new high performance windows also integrate into Comar 9P.i Framing, with new profile solutions which allow open-in and open-out doors or windows in the same screen.

Comar 5 P.i Advanced Aluminium Windows


5P.i Adv 5 Advanced 5P.i Adv Casement Window