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Curtain Walling

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Comar 6 Curtain Walling – Ladder Frame


Comar 6  ladder frame curtain walling is a fast-track curtain wall system for low-rise projects.


  •    Ladder assembly

  •    Square cut transoms

  •    Transom end pad ensures precision of joint integrity and aesthetic appeal

  •    Drainage spouts ensure that water clears the facade maintaining year-on-year performance

  •    Full selection of clip on sub-cills can be installed on completion of project

  •    Comprehensive range of tie back brackets ensuring

            accurate and easy installation for all project applications

  •    Vision glass or spandrel panels from 3mm to 50mm thick

  •    Mullion drained

  •    Sections available to accept Axim transom closers;

             Comar 7 doors can be hung directly from the curtain walling

  •    Entrances also utilise Comar 7 anti-finger trap stiles

  •    To add feature to the facade a wide range of mullion and

            transom capping including square, elliptical and bull nose are available

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