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Comar 7Pi HSD Overview Domestic Doors 7P.i ECO Door 7P.i Folding Sliding Door 7P.i Sliding Patio Door

The Comar 7P.i HSD is the latest addition to the innovative Comar 7P.i door suite. With ever increasing demands for energy efficient building materials, Comar 7P.i HSD incorporates the trademarked P.i thermal efficiency providing low U-values with an aesthetically pleasing finish.


Comar 7P.i HSD has been developed for applications where high specification and elegant solutions are a key design factor, such as offices, apartments, hospitals and schools. It provides a unique solution where other door types would cause an obstruction internally or externally.


Function is achieved by designing into this elegant profile suite the very latest components. A polyamide track, with reinforced nylon tandem rollers, has a precision adjustment mechanism which means that the same components can be used on all sizes of doors. This also serves to ensure long-term ease of maintenance as well as allowing for fabrication, profile and track tolerances. This is borne out by the testing in wet and sandy conditions of over 200,000  open/close cycles.


The strength of the system is proven through the capability to carry 180kg of weight per roller. The tandem rollers and polyamide track can be replaced as part of general maintenance without the need to disassemble the door.


For applications where safety is a concern, door restrictors can be fitted to the door at increments to suit the application. Form is met through the use of 38.5mm curved jambs and reinforced stiles incorporating full height handles. Exceptional weather performance is created by woolpile that has an integral plastic fin and bubble gaskets at the interlock.


For prestigious projects, the frames can be dual colour with different colours to the interior and exterior profiles.

Comar 7P.i. Sliding Patio Door System


7P.i HSD

The door system can be manufactured

in the following combinations:


•2 part sliding (2 track)

•3 part sliding (3 track)

•4 part sliding with fixed panes (2 track)

•6 part sliding with fixed panes (3 track)

7P.i Patio Slider