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Overview Curtain Walling 6EFT Capped Curtain Walling 6EFT 2 sided Structural Glazing 6EFT 4 sided Structural Glazing

Comar Curtain Walling & Window Walling


The curtain wall gives the specifier the opportunity to create stunning glazed facades.

Comar 6 & Comar 6EFT 50mm curtain walling system delivers the capability. Offering capped, 2-sided SG or 4-sided SG, with Concealed Vents.


Comar Window Walling is a truly integrated window walling system

which has two suites:

Comar 9P.i High Performance & Comar 2 Window Walling.

Comar 9P.i is our future-proof solution which will take our

clients through to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6.



What is Curtain Walling?


Also referred to as Facade Glazing, aluminium curtain walling has enabled building design to be transformed in recent years with an aluminium product designed to create large glazed areas and to cover entire buildings in glass.


Whilst the majority of curtain walling is installed in modern office buildings and commercial buildings generally, the product has found itself in our homes.  Many of today’s modern apartment buildings have curtain walling spanning several floors and apartments creating a seamless facade with no walls to be seen.


In houses too, homeowners are creating homes with vision and design at the forefront.  Whether they are building from scratch or renovating and extending their current home, the demand for larger glass areas and more natural light is greater than ever before, evident in the complexity of window installations compared to previous years.

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