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Overview Windows 5P.i - All Configurations 5P.i ECO Casement Window 5P.i ECO+ Casement Window

The Comar 5P.i aluminium windows range is designed to take into account the demands of the designing specifiers and architects, who care about delivering an aesthetic solution and the end user who wants a window that will stand the test of time.


Today’s modern Aluminium windows share little with the early aluminium windows which were often criticised for being prone to condensation. These early windows were limited to white or silver in colour and often within a hardwood subframe that often required maintenance.


The aluminium windows you can buy today have evolved to become not only highly thermally efficient and secure, but can be fixed direct  to the structure with no subframes and are double or triple glazed.


What’s more, there is a huge choice of colours available with over 400 colours for you to consider with choices ranging from neutral tones to metallic or textured finishes.  You can opt for the same colour throughout, or choose different

colours for the inside or outside as well as different colour frames and sashes.


The finishing on powder coated aluminium windows is also well-known for retaining its “new look” far longer than plastic windows and has

a life expectancy of 25 years or more. The low maintenance qualities of polyester powder coated aluminium windows means that it will only need an occasional wipe down with mild soapy water to keep windows looking good as new for many years to come.


It is all the above features and more that have contributed to the huge growth in aluminium windows in recent years, with more and more window installers choosing to supply the products.


Although Aluminium windows still cost more than their PVCu alternatives, they meet or exceed all the latest standards for energy efficiency and are available in A, B and C rated forms. Additionally they are aesthetically regarded as being better than plastic windows as well as remaining a hand made product not subject to the mass production welding methods of their plastic counterparts.



Comar 5P.i High Performance Aluminium Windows

5P.i Adv Casement Window